Nordeus Hackathon



The 5th Nordeus Hackathon is over, see you next year!
Here are the results:

  • 1st place:
    "Don't Be Afraid" by Binx (Croatia)
  • 2nd place:
    "Right Click To Hack" by Mechabit (UK)
  • 3rd place:
    "Wheely & Screwy" by TanK\'d (Romania)
  • People's choice:
    "Anhedonia" by Misfit Village (Croatia)
  • Technical complexity:
    "Right Click To Hack" by Mechabit (UK)
  • Gameplay:
    "Chroma Bots" by Pine Studio (Croatia)
  • Multimedia presentation:
    "Shaman 2" by Nereus (Greece)

You can download and get more information on the games below.


Double TroubleZebrito Don't Be AfraidBinx AnhedoniaMisfit Village Chroma BotsPine Studio Shaman 2Nereus Wheely & ScrewyTanK\'d Two MountaineersHex team Right Click To HackMechabit Wee Gigantic AdventureTag Games Alfa TeamAlfa Team

Double Trouble

Team: Zebrito
Country: Bulgaria
Members: Atanas Koichev Chervarov
Dimitar Savov
Petko Todorov
Deyan Apostolov
Technology: Unity

Don't Be Afraid - 1st place

Team: Binx
Country: Croatia
Members: Adam Mehtic
Denis Mraovic
Bernard Bachrach
Josip Lujic
Technology: Unity

Anhedonia - People's choice

Team: Misfit Village
Country: Croatia
Members: Mladen Bosnjak
Matija Mandjurov
Dino Adanic
Sara Vlahovic
Technology: Unity

Chroma Bots - Gameplay

Team: Pine Studio
Country: Croatia
Members: Tomislav Podhraski
Boris Barbir
Vjekoslav Krajacic
Vladimir Koscica
Technology: Unity

Shaman 2 - Multimedia presentation

Team: Nereus
Country: Greece
Members: Vassilis Galliakis
Kyriakos Petrolias
Spyros Koutsourelis
Sotiris Gyftopoulos
Technology: Unity

Wheely & Screwy - 3rd place

Team: TanK\'d
Country: Romania
Members: Daniel Flamaropol
Radu Ziemba Mihai
George Nita Marian
Mihai Niculae
Technology: Unity

Two Mountaineers

Team: Hex team
Country: Serbia
Members: Marko Krmpotic
Uros Nedic
Ivan Preocanin
Danilo Smudja
Technology: Unity

Right Click To Hack - 2nd place & Technical complexity

Team: Mechabit
Country: UK
Members: Kevin Tsang
Wei Wu
Julian Fisher
Technology: Unity

Wee Gigantic Adventure

Team: Tag Games
Country: UK
Members: Steven Taarland
Conor Buller
Joe Dixon
Joanna Jakubowska
Technology: Unity

Alfa Team

Team: Alfa Team
Country: Ukraine
Members: Alexander Gats
Roman Samchuk
Oleksiy Mihniak
Oleh Zahorodnii
Technology: Unity

Hackathon 2015

Nordeus Hackathon is the biggest annual professional game jam in South East Europe.

It is hosted by Nordeus, one of Europe’s gaming industry leaders globally known for their hugely successful Top Eleven franchise.

Nordeus Hackathon aims to promote creativity, skillfulness and teamwork among game developers.

“Nordeus Hackathon represents some of the core pillars upon which our success was built on. Teamwork, skills and passion are just some of the values needed to build the best games in the industry. We are persistently looking for talents, the best of the best in all areas of game development. By organizing this game jam we are giving them the opportunity to express themselves, while at the same time supporting the regional gaming industry and helping it thrive”, says Nordeus CEO, Branko Milutinović.

Main questions of the Hackathon 2015 are “What makes a great game?” and “Do you have what it takes?”. All gamemakers who think they know the answers are welcome to apply, whether they are experienced in development, art, game design, sound – on their own or in teams.

This a great opportunity to travel free of charge, meet other talented game makers from different countries, do what you love the most and win awesome prizess!

How to apply?

On your own or as a team. Teams can be anywhere from two to four members;
Individual contestants or those with incomplete teams will be paired up with other contestants into four-member teams.

One person can register the entire team by adding the members’ CVs to their own registration.

Who can apply?

This year’s Hackathon will focus on individuals and teams with previous experience and background in games development.

Contestants from previous Nordeus Hackathons are not eligible.

A final list of individual and team Hackathon contestants will be published after a careful pre-selection process.

Other information

The competition will be held at Nordeus HQ in Belgrade.

Each team will have their own office;

The theme of Nordeus Hackathon 2015 will be revealed at the opening ceremony, on the first day of the competition;

Each contestant will have a PC with two monitors with necessary software and tools installed (Eclipse, Flash Builder, Photoshop /CS5 suite/, etc). Additional own hardware and software are acceptable;

Borders are no obstacles. Nordeus will cover all travel and accommodation expenses for contestants coming outside of Belgrade or Serbia;

All contestants will receive Nordeus Hackathon T-shirts with their team colors;

Food and drinks will be available in unlimited quantities throughout the Hackathon, as well and rest and relaxation facilities.

Any form of cheating and/or using copyrighted resources, like models, audio tracks, sprites and similar is strictly prohibited (although contestants may use free resources, e.g. UNITY's Asset Store)


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